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Welcome to the world of Lupin Thyme

George RothenbergerComment

I thought I would share with you my amazing workspace and a little of the Lupin Thyme story.


The desk I got from Craigslist. It's made from solid Oak and leather and it's huge. There couldn't be a more perfect flower desk. It used to reside in a judges office. I got it dirt cheap along with a 7 ft credenza.

Thanks to Travis and his 80s Datsun pickup for endangering their lives getting it across town in the rain.

My presses are simply made; layers of corrugated cardboard and blotting paper with wooden boards on top and bottom, and home made velcro straps to hold them tight.

I have had a few shows, one being at the tasty Naam Restaurant in Kitsilano, if you ever pay it a visit try out their scrummy dragon bowl.

Lunch at "The Naam"

Lunch at "The Naam"

I was in the Vancouver Mini Maker Faire 2013.


All the lovely faces that passed by added a petal to a piece created over the weekend, which I now use as a sign.

A flower pressed guitar is the perfect way to get the boys interested!

The 12 string belongs to my husband. I covered it in flowers for his birthday.


If you would like to hear how it sounds check out bandcamp......

Thanks for reading this first post of mine, I will try to keep you updated as interesting stuff happens.

May the flowers be with you. x