Lupin Thyme


Hello. My name is Kate and I am fortunate enough to live in Vancouver on the West coast of Canada.

I have always loved Nature's beauty and feel most blessed when surrounded by the amazing outdoors.

My life so far has been filled with creation; through sewing, crafts, art and music and I am continually inspired by my environment and the people I love.

In 2011, I received a flower press as a birthday gift, and became a little obsessed with the magic of flower pressing. Soon after, I had a daydream, and I envisioned a large canvas completely covered in flower petals where I had used the petals as my paint.

Lupin Thyme was born and I have not looked back since.


To see a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palms of your hand and eternity in an hour.
— William Blake

The Process:

First of all, I have to collect my flowers! This is great fun and they can come from many sources; fallen petals, friendly florists, raiding the gardens of friends and neighbours, and of course we always have fresh flowers in the house.

Then, I preserve the flowers, petals and leaves using traditional pressing techniques. Basically placing them between blotting paper and cardboard layers in home made wooden presses for a few weeks so they stay flat and dry out naturally without composting. This is a wonderful time for me to spend time with the detail of my raw materials, studying the patterns, colours and scents of each part of the flower. It's a lovely reminder of the joy of creation.

Opening each press when they are ready is one of the highlights of my work and I am regularly surprised at the changes they have undergone and how many are enhanced by the process.

Using the petals and leaves as my medium, I then layer and collage to create the pieces you see here.

Not restricting myself to works on canvas, I have also turned to working on three-dimensional subjects, transforming guitars, lamps, tabletops etc.

My husband's 12 string.

My husband's 12 string.

Table made by Jodi Stark.

Table made by Jodi Stark.

Until recently Opie, our furry friend would be sleeping by my side through my many hours of flower work. I created the piece below using the roses we got when she passed.